ZEISS progressive lenses.

one-of-a-kind – just like you.

Our wide selection of ZEISS progressive lens designs enables your eye care professional to produce high-quality, progressive glasses optimized for your vision needs. Cutting-edge computer technology assists in measuring visual performance and fitting the lenses to your frames. The near, intermediate, and distance zones are all incorporated into one lens with smooth transitions. These lenses are tailor-made for your facial shape, your lifestyle, and your visual habits.

Single vision lenses from ZEISS.

Experience excellent vision and comfort.

Perfect for your first pair of glasses, glasses for children, or standard everyday glasses, ZEISS single vision lenses are used for both distance vision and reading – the two most common reasons people wear glasses. What is the difference? With reading glasses, the single vision lenses are optimized for vision in the near zone and personally fitted to the farsighted reader’s standard reading distance. These lenses are great not only for books, but also for reading smaller font sizes on a smartphone or tablet. Farsighted wearers usually have blurry vision in the near zone and sometimes when looking into the distance.

Farsightedness results from an image being focused behind the retina, resulting in a blurry image. With nearsightedness however, objects in the distance appear blurry because the nearsighted eye focuses images in front of the retina rather than on it. An optimally fitted pair of distance lenses can help you see clearly when looking at objects that are far away.

ZEISS SmartLife: the smart choice

The intelligent choice.

The ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio caters to connected, on-the-move eyeglass wearers of all ages – providing clear, comfortable vision to balance their modern lifestyle.

After conducting extensive research on modern habits and visual behaviors, ZEISS has developed an entirely new lens portfolio to help eyeglass wearers keep up with our tech-driven world.

ZEISS SmartLife Lenses address individual’s unique pattern of vision, encompassing optics, visual habits, and lifestyle to provide the ultimate personalized vision care.

ZEISS Digital Lens.

The remedy to digital eye strain.

On average we look at our smartphones, tablets, and TV screens for almost five hours a day. And we glance at our mobile phones as many as 80 times per day! These figures are only set to increase in the future. Small font sizes and the constant switching of our viewing focus from near to far objects demands a lot of work from our eyes. From the age of 25 onward, this can lead to digital eye strain termed Computer Vision Syndrome. ZEISS Digital Lens offers the perfect remedy by enabling fast, comfortable focusing thanks to a specially optimized near zone – no matter where you look. These lenses are ideal not only for viewing digital devices but for print as well.

ZEISS DriveSafe.

The everyday pair of glasses for driving.

Clear and healthy vision is fundamental to safe driving because on the road our eyes are working overtime. Our vision constantly shifts focus between the street, the GPS, and the rear and side view mirrors. Adverse weather or lighting often make it difficult to see. ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses – available as single vision or progressive lenses – minimize this visual stress while driving. Our doctors will fit you with lenses that provide superior eyesight allowing you to drive safely and comfortably.

ZEISS Officelens.

Everything at a glance.

People typically notice their vision change after the age of 35. Shifting focus on and off a computer screen gradually becomes more stressful on our eyes. In order to see clearly at different distances, we often unconsciously assume an uncomfortable posture by leaning forward or raising our head. Back and neck pain along with dry or watery eyes are just some of the possible problems associated with computer eye strain. ZEISS Officelens helps prevent this type of visual stress. Unlike reading or progressive lenses, Officelens eyewear is optimal for all viewing distances necessary for working on the computer.

ZEISS EnergizeMe.

The first eyeglass lenses exclusively developed for contact lens wearers.

These days every contact lens wearer has at least one pair of glasses to give their eyes a break after hours of contact lens use. Frequently using smartphones and tablets causes additional eye strain, but did you know that ZEISS EnergizeMe glasses can address both these problems and more?

Enjoy more comfortable vision and refreshed eyes when switching to glasses after removing your contacts. ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses provide contact lens wearers with something more than a typical pair of glasses. These glasses are specifically manufactured for a contact lens wearer’s visual behavior and provide sharp, clear vision in the digital world.

Sunglass lenses from ZEISS.

Fashionable, versatile, and high-performing. Excellent for all outdoor activities.

All sunglass lenses are not created equally. ZEISS Sun Protection & Outdoor Lenses offer your eyes 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Enjoy comfortable vision when you are out in the sun. ZEISS has three sunglass categories to choose from: Urban, Drive, and Active. Looks and individual style are the key attributes of the ZEISS Urban segment. ZEISS sunglasses for drivers increase contrast and protect your eyes while driving, and also offer an optional polarization filter to reduce the sensation of glare. And for the active wearer, ZEISS offers sunglasses for all sports enthusiasts including wrapped sports lenses that provide protection from dust and wind.